About us

Faunapark is located in the marginal part of Valašské Meziříčí - Štěpánov. It is not large in size, but you can see a lot of interesting animals here. For example, lamas, ostriches, macaws, KOI carps, popular dwarf rabbits, guinea pigs, Dutch goats, ponies. Most of them can be fed with our prepared bagged feed. Visitors can throw feed and voluntary contributions into the money box located behind the entrance at the black swan enclosure. Granules for fish and water turtles can be purchased at the vending machine next door.

The whole area is built on its own, in free time, after work, so we ask visitors to comply with the rules of the visitor and not to arbitrarily destroy the equipment and greenery. Also for leniency in case you run into any shortcomings.

Our activity is focused primarily on parents with small children. You can spend pleasant moments here by walking, feeding animals or fish in the pond.

You can "run" through the area in ten minutes, or stay and relax on sun-drenched benches or in the shade of a bower overgrown with wine by the lake.